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Last call for Evernote

Evernote announced this week more limitations to its Basic plan, and increased prices for Plus and Premium.

This was expected. Even with the annoying main screen customization restrictions, the Basic account provided little incentives for many to upgrade. The loss of OCR on the Plus plan ($3.99/month) stings a bit, since Premium goes up to $7.99/month.

I have a soft spot for Evernote. I started using it on Windows on my first job in 2004, and it was installed in all my computers (later devices) ever since. The feature creep made me try the Apple Notes last year — and I haven’t switched back.

At the same time, Google Keep continues to improve1. Its OCR is as good as Evernote ever was, and the design is cleaner.

Here’s hoping this is a one-two punch: price increase now, and after the noise dies down, and updated Desktop version with a simplified interface.

  1. I’d probably would have switched too Keep if Google provided a native Mac app, or at least a Desktop Safari extension.

Posted on June 30, 2016   #Productivity     #Tool  

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