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Make time for time

I’ve started scheduling the drive home in my work calendar recently. Monday’s and Wednesday’s, there’s a 30 minute Drive Home meeting.

Nowadays I’m mostly working with the Costa Rica team, and they’re two hours behind until the next daylight savings time change. This makes it very easy to stay late because things are happening on Skype and Trello.

So I’m forcing myself to get home early — also arriving way earlier than I’m used to. This has opened two quiet times on the week where I fly through my pomodoros.

The meeting in calendar serves two purposes:

  1. Internal reminder that getting home takes time.
  2. External signaling of availability.

If somebody schedules a meeting at this time, at least a conflict will appear.

I’m playing a lot with the concept of tasks taking time (and space) on the calendar and will write more about it soon.But this small change has shown consistent results of actually making me arrive home recently.

Posted on May 4, 2016   #Productivity  

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