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On music and playlists (Part 3)

Last year I went overboard with excitement when I tried Apple Music. The music high lasted a month before the technical limitations of the service just became too much.

I experimented for the rest of the year if a subscription service was really needed — and if so, which one:

So I’m back as a Spotify premium subscriber and will add Ana again to the family plan2.

  1. Not totally true. If you follow me on Spotify you’ll Cri-Cri and the Robie Chill playlist on a pretty good rotation. Sadly the go to sleep song of my mini-person is not on Spotify: Rainbow Connection (feat. Hayley Williams) - Weezer.

  2. As soon as I post this :) luckily she doesn’t read the blog.

Posted on March 29, 2016   #Music     #Setup  

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