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Top 5 2016 iOS Apps

I was planning to post this next week, but App Santa includes so many good apps, that I want to share early:

  1. Castro: With the release of version 2.0, this is my new default player.
  2. Tweetbot: The one and only. Likely I’d quit Twitter if Tweetbot wasn’t around.
  3. Day One: I use this app everyday. Version 2.0 shows promise, but speed is lagging. Still, best journaling app out there.
  4. Happy Scale: If you’re serious about tracking your weight, there’s no better app. I’ve tried them all.
  5. Inbox by Gmail: There’s something about Inbox’s UX that just works for me. Still can’t use it on the Desktop, but on mobile it’s my default mail client.


  1. The easiest way to include more than 5, without including more than 5.

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