Dear Robie, don’t panic

While we go through the bureaucracy of your parents country to get you a Venezuelan passport, your birth country had an election. It was a surprise to us that the good candidate didn’t win. We weren’t alone. Probably half of those who voted were surprised with the results — which in hindsight seems like the obvious outcome for any election.

There are many reasons why I dislike the candidate that won, but mainly it’s because he’s a bully, and bullies don’t use ideas to make their point.

But this letter is not about why somebody won or lost. It is about trying to teach you that if you’re unhappy with an election result you have remember that this didn’t happen to you, it just happened.

It may be unfair, sad, or worrying. But unless you were the candidate, grieving is not the best option to balance out the winners celebration.

Telling you to disconnect after loosing an election is borderline laughable if you inherited your mom’s passion or my OCD, but it’s still the best advise I can give you.

See, at 35, your dad has lost every presidential election he has ever voted on. And from my point of view, the consequences have been catastrophic for Venezuela. But becoming frustrated by the individual decisions of millions of people doesn’t help at all.

So, go watch a movie. Or just meet with your friends to have a drink and talk through what happened. But don’t let your heart darken, or your life get blue. Take a deep breath every couple of minutes, and start trying to answer why it happened?. And how you’re going to help fix it.

Roberto Mateu My Corner on the Web.