Homescreen Apps: Carbo

There’s a fascinating truth I rediscover every few months:

Nothing beats pen and paper.

It’s actually not so much a rediscovery, more like the outcome of an epic struggle to prove this statement wrong… and failing miserably each time.

Since I have tried all productivity Apps1 — and own most of them — this is particularly painful. In addition, my handwriting appears encrypted even to me, so I can’t even embrace the analog world if I wanted to.

But every time my intricate digital productivity system goes bankrupt, Carbo comes to the rescue to bridge the smoldering remains with post-it notes, Baron Fig notebooks and cheap yellow pads.

My Carbo flowMy Carbo flow

Exaggerations aside, my current system combines some ideas of the Autofocus System, with pomodoro technique, and a dash of GTD. With Carbo and Day One being the glue that holds everything together by forcing me to have accountability at the end of the day.

Whatever your system, if you need digitize notes I can’t recommend Carbo enough. Someday (soon?), an iPad Mini with the Apple Pencil will come for the rescue. But for now: nothing beats pen and paper, with everything stored in your computer.

  1. I dare you to challenge me on this.

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