iPhone XS 256GB Space Gray

In case anyone’s wondering, I ordered an iPhone XS 256GB Space Gray with the new AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss warranty.

I’m very excited — since I’m upgrading from an iPhone 7, it’ll be a major jump. The wait wasn’t as painful as expected, and I’m happy to be back on a S upgrade cycle 1. I had no doubt I’d upgrade this year so my finger was already on the mouse button to buy the XS even before it was announced. Still, the bang for the buck’ness of iPhone XR did give me a little pause.

Since I’d already convinced myself that I wanted an OLED screen, the impasse lasted very little. But there’s no doubt it’s a great year to be getting an iPhone.

The new AppleCare+ is another very nice — and as usual with Apple, expensive — service. I haven’t broken my iPhone screen more than twice in the last 9 years, but ever since I first signed up to the first iPhone Upgrade Program I’d worried about losing my iPhone and be left the payments. The simplicity of the program won me over:

Many traditional plans offered through carriers and other insurance providers often require customers to file and get a police report. Apple’s requirement is that the Find My iPhone app is switched on at the time the phone is lost or stolen.

Also different this year I didn’t get the iPhone Upgrade Program. Since I no longer have a major carrier mobile line (switched to Google Fi) I didn’t want to wait until it was available for sim-free phones. I did buy it with PayPal Credit, which claims to give me 6 months interest free payment — we’ll see how that works out.

So how do I like it now that it was delivered? No clue. I’m in Costa Rica, so I have to wait a few weeks before I visit Miami and pick it up… but the picture of the box sure looks nice.

  1. My iPhone models until now: Original -> 3GS -> 4S -> 5S -> 6 -> 6S -> 7.

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