Flying home to Caracas. Haven’t traveled there in 15 months -which I think is the longest I’ve been without visiting.

Sadly it has become more common each year for this to be a bittersweet trip. We’re going mainly for both my goddaughter/ahijada and Roberto Andrés baptism. We’ll see friends and family, many of them will meet Robie for the first time - including his two dog sisters. He’ll get to say he went to Venezuela as soon as he was born, which is a ridiculous statement but important somehow for emigrant guilt.

On the other hand, you’d think we were going to the Australian outback from our bags: medicines, baby good, more medicines. Without a doubt the economic crisis in Venezuela has hit a new low. We don’t say bottom anymore since every six month the standard is redifined.

It’s irrational to go as a family to a place you currently don’t recommend to visit. But nationalities are almost never about being rational.

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