Obsidian Setup

Obsidian has become the center on my note-taking and note-keeping.

Naming Conventions

  • Meetings and time sensitive notes These are prefixed with YYMMDD and some short description, i.e. 210209 Debug CO Items or 210117 Call Broken Inventory. Sadly for me, both of these short descriptions will happen bore than once, so the time stamp helps a lot with the context.

  • Index or Main Pages Homepages for projects, areas, etc are prefixed with ix, with to make them easy to find and visually identifiable. Some examples: ix Ecom Catalog and ix Taxes US 2020

  • Daily Weekly Note I use the daily note plugin a lot — giving it the cntrl+e shortcut to have quick access at any time. However, I change the date format to YYYY[w]WW, which results in files titles like 2021w06. This feels less restrictive and workable than actual daily notes. And lets me see the week better, moving stuff along the days.

In a way the Weekly Note becomes the index for the week activities. Allowing me to easily link tasks to their corresponding page, or create empty links, which once clicked will become the starting point for the task. This file is also a life-saver for weekly updates, because my tired brain only needs to glance at the week’s battlefield to remember what happened.

  • Folders The


  • Mobile I’m in the mobile beta now, so this section will update. Most likely the whole page.

  • Vaults Two main Vaults (Obsidian-speak for libraries) are my starting points: KBwork and KBme. Both are being synced via iCloud — but it would actually work better if I still subscribed to Dropbox.

I’m currently experimenting with two additional ones: 5typos and tico. The first is on Dropbox1, and the second is on a Github repo — the source for this site.

  1. I’m using Maestral to sync Dropbox and it works great.↩︎