On keeping a life GPA

Over the past few weeks I’ve remembered something Martin Short mentioned on his book regarding keeping a score on all areas in your life.

He said that when his work wasn’t that great or fulfilling, he would work extra hard on his home life. The way you’d keep your GPA high even if your work grade was low.

Sometimes you have less control than you’d like on some areas in your life, but rather than affect all the rest it should give you the incentives to be able to concentrate on the ones you can accept.

Work right now is feeling somewhat repetitive and without a clear needle to move. But I’m very happy with how I’m able to share with Ana and Robie at home. Health wise, I feel good with my diet, just need to add some exercise to improve. And writing here gives a satisfaction that given the level of effort makes it a very cheap and easy way to get a good grade on an easy subject.

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