On Relevant News (or Being News Relevant)

As I browsed around the web to collect some links to continue on the 3 day streak of linkblogging — the question of why? broke through the back of my mind.

While I enjoy my own witty commentary on news, I woke up today thinking:

  1. is the blog the best place for this?, and
  2. why do news at all?.

There’s a simple reason for the why?: I’m imitating my favorite blogging sites. Links to cool stuff and posting longer articles in between.

But usual tech news that I easily regurgitate is not cool stuff.

When I picture somebody reading the blog, I wish that ze trusts that every link is interesting enough to warrant a visit.

Links with some commentary to news items kinda breaks this. Because I can’t guarantee the reader that there’s going to be a consistent posting of news to give context of why some made it and others didn’t.

This week’s experiment

I enjoyed being able to post smaller commentary without an specific topic. So I will likely continue explore it this week by posting anything that’s longer than a tweet on the blog.

On the Link posts” front, I’m going to try to post only links to things I haven’t seen elsewhere. Restraining myself from simply reposting easy links, and trying to curate some of the tools I already wasteinvest time looking at each week.

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