Quix: the next best thing to command bar browsing

I love bookmarklets.

When I shared some of mine last year, I explained that as I moved from Firefox to Opera, bookmarklets had managed to fill almost all the gaps left by Opera’s lack of extensions.

Quix takes all of this to a whole new level. It lets you have 1 bookmarklet that can access all the rest. In a way, it’s a command line for bookmarklets.

If you are an Opera/Firefox/Camino user, you’ll probably wonder why you need this at all. You could just add a keyboard shortcut to your favorite ones and be done with it.

That’s exactly what I thought until yesterday. The big benefit for me, is that you can have the bookmarklet for many browsers (I know, blasphemy). I’m usually running a few versions of Opera at the same time, while also development versions of the other guys.

The second great feature is not out yet, but it’s in the works. Currently, you can add your own bookmarklets with a pretty simple syntax. I easily wrote my own syntax text file and created a customized version of the bookmarklet. Now, the really cool part will come when commands sharing is available.

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