Weekly tidbits

Microsoft: more people are switching from Macs to Surface than ever before No numbers, so it’s a marketing statement. But still not surprised.

Google Signs Deal With Cuba to Speed Services (Paywall) Now even Cuba will play faster YouTube videos than Venezuela. I’m not bitter.

Google has reportedly stopped developing its own self-driving car Not surprising. Seems all self-driving rumored projects are getting a reality check.

Apple Support’ App Launches in U.S. App Store Simple app with very useful purpose. Will be testing it soon.

Yahoo discloses hack of 1 billion accounts I find it hard to believe that they found out from law enforcement. Irresponsible.

Evernote reverses privacy policy that allows employees to read users’ notes There has to be more to this story — maybe an upcoming technical feature poorly explained. Otherwise, this was a stupid change from the start.

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