June 12, 2016

WWDC 2016 Keynote wishlist

That time of the year again, when good boys and girls await to be told why our toys are better that everyone else’s — and if we’re lucky… we even get expensive new ones to buy!1.

Here’s my wishlist for tomorrow’s event:


  • macOS 12: I like the rumored new name, OS X / Mac OS X / MacOS X / 10.12.x was always very geeky.
    • More Window Management options: Allow 3+ apps in fullscreen, and not only vertical tiles.
    • Spotlight: Siri integration.
    • Notes: Speed improvement and easier creation of notes — let me add notes by dragging text jezz.
    • Photos: Bring more basic iPhoto functionality, especially automatically grouping by event.
    • iOS Apps: At least some easier path for iOS developers to brings their apps to the Mac.
  • iOS 10:
    • Siri for 3rd parties.
    • Useful lock-screen for TocuhID: figure out a flow where I don’t have to touch home button with nail if I just want to see recent notifications.
    • Customisable Control Center.
    • Keyboard: two simultaneous languages and new autocorrect UI.
    • Photos: Google Photos level search.
    • Stable 3rd party keyboard APIS.
    • No autocorrect for hardware keyboards.
  • watchOS 3:
    • Rethink the UI.
    • Custom watch-faces.
    • Less graphics, more speed.
    • Always on time.


  • MacBook Pro
    • Faster, thinner, lighter.
    • 13in with 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage for $1799
  • Siri Speakers
    • Great sound.
    • Modular: add additional speakers easily.
    • Apps: don’t have to AirPlay everything
    • Less than $200.

Likelihood of getting everything I want is very low, but wishing anything less wouldn’t be in the spirit of WWDC.

  1. And also tell everyone else why ours are better

Apple wishlist

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