February 26, 2016

The Setup: Mac at Work Apps

This was a pretty intense work week, so it seems like a good time to make a snapshot of the most used apps. I could do one of these every few weeks… since I tend to waste (invest?) a lot of time upfront on new projects modifying my workflow for efficiency.

This time waste/investment is always a result of procrastination, but it has allowed me to learn things more often than not.

With the above disclaimer, here are the top apps of the week:

  1. SublimeText 3: A workhorse, a notepad, and everything in between. It’s always open somewhere in my screen, or on its own screen in combination with the Origami package for splitting multiple panes in one window.
  2. LaunchBar: Multiple clipboards, snippets, quick reminders, App switcher and launcher.
  3. Chrome: Not crazy about it, but can’t really live without the extensions1. Copytables has been a lifesaver this last two weeks.
  4. Choosy: I use Safari for all personal browsing, so it’s perfect to create rules like sending all links from Tweetbot to it or any work Google Drive link to Chrome.
  5. Shush: Fast microphone on all Apps. Skype, GoToMeeting, Hangouts… doesn’t matter. Just press fn key (configurable) to speak. Or press twice and default changes to press for mute.
  6. Moom: For the Window Management OCD sufferer that can’t start a task without all Apps being on their correct corner. The ability to save layouts seem like a wasted effort at first — see the overarching theme? — but totally pay out. If you want something simpler, I also sometimes use Magnet.
  7. Fantastical 2: I’ve always used it as my calendar, but started using the reminders on my most recent productivity tool bankruptcy. Short version: Tasks take time to complete, time that is shared with calendar events. Hence, tasks should appear on the calendar. Fantastical allows this.
  8. Spotify: Back after testing all services. Longer post due.
  9. Next Meeting: What and how far away is the next meeting.
  10. Airmail: While it hasn’t stopped me from loading Gmail in the browser, I’ve been doing it less. Closest successor to Sparrow yet, and also using the iPhone version.

Have a great weekend.

  1. Which Opera mostly supports, but it has just got too unstable.↩︎

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