March 12, 2016

Basically Free Data

The price of gasoline is the most common example of price distortions in Venezuela, but mobile plans are not less fascinating:

  • Movistar 3GB, 4G1 plan: BsF 1.820,00 about $1.5
  • Digitel 1250 MB: BsF 300,00 which about 25 cents.

As always in economics, something has to give. Trying to find a SIM is not easy, since all networks are over-capacity, they try to restrict new users.

Also, notice how limited the data-plans are — in both cases its the highest allowance offered. Some people have told me the have two SIMs with separate contracts to get through the month.

  1. I have not seen 4G yet since I arrived.↩︎


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