March 16, 2016

108 minutes

Some may remember the hatch in Lost where Desmond had to push a code every 108 minutes. Otherwise — some catastrophic event would happen.

I can’t help but be reminded of this button every time I see Ana in action with Robie during the day. Since we1 are mostly breast-feeding, our bundle of joy eats about every two hours — which includes the 10 to 20 minutes he takes to eat. Which leaves Ana about 100 minutes to do everything she has pending before the cycle starts again.

The level of commitment needed for this is only something I can imagine. I haven’t been paid enough ever to worry about a task every two hours, of every day, for a least half a year.

And that’s the rub: I couldn’t compensate Ana all the hours, even at the minimum wage in the US.

Of course, all of this purely philosophical since Ana can’t even stand a few hours away from Robie. But the economics of it are real: we couldn’t afford to buy motherly love.

  1. This we is the biggest over-representation of my role since we organized our wedding.↩︎

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