March 28, 2016

A twitter is worth a thousand contact us forms

I buy a lot of apps. I believe good software is worth paying for. If a developer(s) has made your life easier, ze deserves a reward for the effort.

I imagine alcoholics also say bartenders deserve a drink to be ordered from them if a good spirit is featured in the shelf.

Regardless of the justification for my victimless digital addiction, I do have a very a simple rule to indulge in new apps by unknown developers: they must have a twitter account.

Saying that you would love to hear from me and just having a Contact Us form, tells me you really don’t.

I understand that managing a twitter account1 can be a pain, but it’s exactly the sort of pain that sends the right signal about your app: somebody is standing by it.

  1. I have a twitter list dedicated to all apps and projects that at some point I’ve installed or used. Many times a tweet about a new feature would get me to redownload the app or upgrade.β†©οΈŽ

Twitter Developers

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