March 4, 2016

Seems some inside Microsoft did see the rise of Slack.

Got to respect wanting to invest that in Skype though.

Enjoyed Manton Reece’s post on The evolution of linkblogging — noting the following recommendation:

If you’re a blog author and you’re adding any significant commentary, the RSS feed should point back to your site.

Food for thougth. I was ready to start linkblogging Daring Fireball style yesterday, but I might give am giving Manton’s commentary style a chance.

I started using the Fleksy keyboard again recently, and the addition of Word Prediction this week has been particularly useful.

With its extra features, you can sometimes get lost versus the plain default keyboard. But speed-wise it’s a considerable increase for me.

New lower prices on Pebble Time($149.99) and Pebble Time Round($199.99) this week have me considering a trial purchase of the Pebble Time.

Sanity and fiscal responsibility have prevailed — but this is how disillusioned I am with the Apple Watch.

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