May 13, 2016

Weekly News and Links


NYTimes reported on VIPs telling Apple You got to fix Podcasts. Podcasters replied to VIPs [shut up][twi].

HTC now officially stands for Holy Tech Colapse with 64% revenue drop in Q1.

Siri’s ex shows new AIfriend: VIV. Siri responds: Sorry, I cannot take requests right now…

New Instagram is both colorful and not — at the same time. I like it, others not so much.

  • Google Keyboard (Gboard) for iOS is really good… but no habla español yet.
  • Opera launches free VPN app for iOS. Useful and fast.
  • KeepingYouAwake: Caffeine clone for OS X Yosemite and El Capitan (including Dark Mode).
  • Dark Sky - Hyperlocal Weather for Android. I use the iOS version.
  • Soundshare — social music sharing. Geeks seem excited abouit.
  • [WhatsApp for Desktop][whatsapp] rele… can’t even say it. Use BetterChat instead.

[twi]: Guy English on Twitter:”“We want you to share your customer demographics with us. You can trust us because we’ll immediately tell our press pals about our meeting.”“” [cana]: Canary Mail | Easy, Elegant, Email Client for Mac” [shor]: Shortcat - Keyboard productivity app for Mac OS X” [whatsapp]: Introducing WhatsApp’s desktop app - WhatsApp Blog”

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