May 14, 2016

Debugging is as fun as editing

Yesterday afternoon the Dropbox app on my Mac wouldn’t connect:

Forever Dropbox is starting… and Connecting…Forever Dropbox is starting… and Connecting…

I followed a few instructions on the Dropbox site, but nothing seemed to work. Even connecting through Cloak didn’t do the trick. But, the work VPN did.

Obviously something network related then. Going through Dropbox’s app few options, the Network/Proxies had a guilty look to them. Switching from Auto-detect to No proxy started the sync again.

In all fairness, and very sure the culprit is a Java1 update I applied yesterday. But Java forums is the last place I want to go on a weekend.

  1. Why would you have Java installed?. For the same reason I own buttoned shirts… works.↩︎


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