May 19, 2016

On organizing project folders

Here’s how I organize folders on my desktop:

  • [] Square brackets denotes a work project.
  • {} Brackets are for personal projects — since they are sorted after square ones.
  • Any folder that is not renamed to a project format by end of day, is deleted.
  • Once a project is done, I replace the brackets for a YYYY-MM-DD and move it to the Archived folder.


The desktop is a natural place to try to force some order, since it’s easily accesible from any save dialog (Cmd-Shift-D), also easy to try files to, and in the end it always finds a way to accumulating random files.

Another part of my system is too have a Symlink for the Desktop folder inside my Dropbox folder. This way my current working files are easily accesible from mobile, and any other Dropbox computer.

Now, folders and files naming within Project folders… that an OCD post for another day.

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