May 20, 2016

Content apps update

It’s been a month since the great delete: Tweetbot, Reeder, YouTube, all gone from the iPhone.

I even broke down last weekend at 5am after a particularly good crying session by you-know-who, and installed Tweetbot for a few minutes — I’m only human.

Content Apps foldersContent Apps folders

These are the current apps1:

  • NYT Now: What can I say? I like my news liberal.
  • Morning Reader: Extremely well curated news of what’s important in tech.
  • Economist Espresso: Less than bitesize Economist. It’s working for me.
  • mlist: Newsletter reader. I subscribe to: Vox, Next Draft, Daily Digg and Quartz.
  • Nuzzel: So miss anything important in Twitter — I recognize the irony. If something gets RT or linked a lot, it can catch it.

Surprisingly, I’m going to stick a bit longer without Tweetbot and Reeder. Every time I get an impulse for the stream, I do end up consuming better content. Going to try one more month to make it a real habit.

  1. other than Instapaper, which is in the homepage.↩︎

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