June 1, 2016

Title: A new Macbook Pro

As we wait for Mark Gurman1 to spoil the new MacBook Pro, the rumors are starting to pile. The latest shows an unibody frame with only four USB-C ports — and a headphone jack. I agree with Marco that the MacBook Pro has a great track record: there’s never been one I didn’t want — just many that I couldn’t afford.

Still, with x86 speed improvements not being as exponential as before, I will seriously consider a current generation MBP vs the new one. My main requirement is disk size: I want/need 1 TB SSD2. A pimped out older model could be good value, especially if the newest one changes a lot.

All of the above is a rational plan, which I’m required to share before I go bezerk when Apple tells me why I need the newest one.

Update: And we have an official date for my madness: June 13.

  1. Not clear where he’s going to spoil it, since he’s leaving 9to5mac.↩︎

  2. Robie is very photogenic, and his dad very trigger happy.↩︎

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