June 17, 2016

Using the iPhone naked

This week I used my iPhone 6s naked. I obviously was feeling brave because my iPhone has AppleCare, but I still got some weird looks — almost like I was practicing the other kind of nudity.

Up until my iPhone 5s I’d never used and case on my iPhones. Part was school of thought (Jobs used his naked, so of course…), but I also didn’t like how it looked and felt on the devices.

After a year with the 5s, when I decided that I was not going to buy the iPhone 6 1, I followed Nav’s steps and got a black Apple Leather Case. It looked really good, but also felt great.

A month later when I received my iPhone 6 — don’t judge, I’m weak— I immediately got a black leather case, which lasted into my iPhone 6s this year. I never considered not using a case, since the 6/6s are as slippery as an almost consumed bar of soap. When the leather case surface started feeling sticky, I switched to a silicone case, which had the same great fit but seemed more resistant.

Brett Terpstras post about the Lizzytape made me want to try it out (it arrives this weekend) but in the meantime; I wanted to compare the iPhone au natural before and after the tape.

I have to say… while still slippery as hell, forcing myself to use the phone without a case is very nice. It’s so much easier to get in and out of my pocket, and feels much more sleek in the hand. I also enjoy being able to reach the screen borders for easier gestures. It has made me use the 3D Touch of the left corner to switch apps much more natural than before.

However, if the Lizzytape doesn’t work out I’m probably going back to a case. The 6/6s is just too easy to drop at any time. I’ll update in a week.

  1. This lasted about two weeks↩︎

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