June 7, 2016

Dear new Nest CEO

I really wish your predecesor hadn’t bought Dropcam, but you’re right, lets not dwell in the past. Let’s have a quick chat about the present, and the current mess of features in the Nest Cam:

  1. Notifications per camera and not per account.
    We give access to Robie’s crib camera to the grandparents. They love it. They check every morning and afternoon. Your recent update to allow family members made this easier, but you still don’t allow to have different notifications. So if I setup to have a sound/movement alert go off, you drive our parents crazy1.

  2. Nest paid plans are by camera.
    $10 a month, for-each-camera. Here’s the thing, I’ve been pissed at this from the start because I read it wrong when we bought the Nest Cam. I thought it was for each account… my bad. But please, make it $10 a month for 3 cameras and suddenly I have more incentives to buy more than 1. I know video storage is not cheap, but your parent company might know a bit about cloud stuff.

  3. No AppleTV app.
    I’m not even going to whine about not having an Apple Watch app, but AppleTV? One big screen where I can see in HD all my cams? Who would want that…

  4. Flash only video on website.
    I have three letters for you: OMG.

Good luck, and I really hope Google Alphabet didn’t hire you to sell Nest, because then we’re really screwed.

  1. And now I get two notifications: one from your app, and one from a concerned grandparent.↩︎

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