August 2, 2016

The Apple” one

After 7 months with the Apple TV, I’m a little disappointed to say that it’s the streaming box you should get if you want the Apple one.

I’ve grown to accept the remote1 — but had to get a case for it. The UI is fluid, the box itself is un-intrusive, and Apps are good for some fun. Overall the Apple TV 4 is the best streaming box for me, but just like the Apple Watch, I struggle to recommend it to anyone who already doesn’t want one.

The above is the high bar this version of Apple TV misses. It’s the streaming box for the Apple ecosystem, but it falls short on both features and price to become the box everyone one wants to have.

The golden age of Apple fanboism where the answer to any consumer device question was: go to the Apple Store, is now a nice recent memory. On the summer of 2016, the answer to any question not regarding a smartphone, tablet or coolest laptop, is either depends or I’d wait a bit.

  1. I’m disappointed that the new Apple TV remote app doesn’t include audio streaming to the iPhone. Somehow I’d gotten it into my head that this was mentioned in the Talk Show back in February — and it made perfect sense coming from a Roku 2 with a headphone jack on the remote.↩︎

Apple Rant

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