October 26, 2016

MacBook between the lines

Tomorrow Apple is set to have a Mac event. New MacBook Pro’s have already leaked, and there’s rumors of an updated MacBook Air.

While the 13in MacBook Pro is sure to capture my heart, I hope the updated in between MacBook Air has a chance to make its case.

What I want: 13in Retina MacBook with 16gb and a 1TB SSD.

This is a machine that I could have gotten today, but upcoming version greed and price have gotten in the way. I’ve been toying with the idea of the ultra minimal MacBook, but with Robie, my Photos library has been growing exponentially — and I want my library in my personal Mac.

I really need want a personal MacBook again. I’ll be happy tomorrow if there’s a Retina/16gb/1TB tomorrow in the Apple Store in the $1,799.00 range. Otherwise I’ll be doing some soul-searching on ebay.

Mac Apple Wishlist

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