November 18, 2016

Democracy Tax

Gabe Weatherhead on his blog:

My tactic was to avoid pay sites. I avoided following and sharing links to paywalls. I wrongly refused even the steepest of discounted access. We can argue about the path that brought us to this point. We can frame the denials of market forces and the effect of an open Internet however we like. But, what we can’t do is insist that democracy survives without paid journalism.

Emphasis mine. I’ve always knew in the back of my mind that journalism needs some sort of payments. But the cheapo in me always screams when something goes above $10 a month.

I currently subscribe to The Economist Espresso and used to NYT Now, before it went free and then was closed. For Venezuelan news, I try to regularly” contribute to Caracas Chronicles and Efecto Cocuyo — if yearly counts as regularly.

This post reminded me that the price good journalism is not only about the value I get, but the responsibility of believing in real information. And that costs more than a yearly contribution.


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