November 18, 2016

Tidbits of the week

Amazon editors — Best science fiction and fantasy of 2016. Death’s End (Remembrance of Earth’s Past), is fanstastic and a great ending to the series.

PhotoScan printed photo scanner app. I’ve tried lots of apps that do this, and still I haven’t scanned my parents collection.

Drop — A beautiful color picker for macOS. Why would you pay for this? because a good designed is obsesive about all her tools.

WhatsApp launches video calling. A new default for most people. So long Duo.

Casey Neistat MacBook Pro with TouchBar video review. Fun review with some valid points. He still bought it, which proves Apple is right though.

PoisonTap, a $5 tool that invades password-protected computers. If you’re careful (use a Mac, have firevault, don’t leave it unlocked), not as bad as it sounds. If you’re not careful, that same password you use for everything is going the be the least of your problems.

OnePlus 3T released. More battery, megapixels, processor and bit higher price. Still the best bang of the buck in Android. Just wish it had a smaller 5in screen.

You can now check Due Dates as Done is Trello.
Best news of the week. If you organize your team in Trello in some sort of pseudo-sprint setting, this is very helpful.

Barnes & Noble debuts $50 Nook tablet to take on Amazon. Lifeboat for the 5 users they have left. Still, a persuasive price.

Firefox Focus — a free, fast and easy to use private browser for iOS. Why not? Privacy is going the pop-up blocker of the next few years.

How Stephen Wolfram invented interstellar travel for Arrival. I wanna see this move, I wanna see this movie.

Asana introduces Boards — similar to Trello Kanban rules the world.

iPhones Secretly Send Call History to Apple, Security Firm Says I’m much more worried about my mobile operator having my call history.

MacBook Pro Bulbs ad I might be missing something, but this is a cool video and then an basic MacBook Pro ad.

Apple’s Chip Choices May Leave Some iPhone Users in Slow Lane Lets not forget these are still glorified walky talkies. Real world performance in the context of mobile operators has many variables.


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