December 11, 2016

Weekly tidbits:

What is Bitcoin? A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners I always appreciate a good refresher on Bitcoin.

Amazon unveils self-driving’ brick-and-mortar convenience store A mini-mart called Amazon Go. This is kinda amazing.

Google’s new Trusted Contacts app lets you share your location during emergencies More or less a relaunch of the old Latitude app. But since it’s Android only, I don’t see any advantage over iOS’s Find My Friend.

Google Wifi review: Wi-Fi that works It does appear to be a solid performer vs eero at $200 less for the 3 pack ($299).

Instagram will soon let you turn off comments and boot followers from private accounts Both sound like good features.

Apple Watch sales to consumers set record in holiday week, says Apple’s Cook A lot of noise of regarding the overall trend of the wearables category.

NPRs Book Concierge: Guide To 2016’s Great Reads Great recommendations in every category.

Play music from Spotify straight to Sonos with Spotify Connect Really happy with my Sonos, and this is going to make me even happier.

Mac OS X Welcome Videos So many good memories of the excitement for upgrading MacOS X devices.

Mr. Robot Killed the Hollywood Hacker Hacking is not magic, it’s hard ingenious work.

httpster - totally rocking websites. Httpster is an inspiration resource showcasing totally rocking websites.

Uber Should Restore User Control to Location Privacy Not cool Uber.

Microsoft demonstrates full Windows 10 with Photoshop on ARM chips ARM tablet/notebooks are full of compromises for desktop use, but this is a significant advance.


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