February 5, 2017

An adorable little chaos inside your home

My safety razor, brush and shaving soap always go together underneath the sink… or at least they did until my 14 month old son started opening every drawer and cabinet in the house.

So I moved the razed to a top drawer. To say that my organizational OCD had an issue with this is an insight of how much time I waste in every one of my workflows. But the raw fear of our small tornado finding my Merkur razor fought fire with fire in my mind.

A week later, I’m actually enjoying the new setup. The razor, the blades and the altoids’ container for used blades now sit together on the drawer.

Parenting keeps generating outcomes likes this. I don’t know if it’s Stockholm syndrome, or sanity complacency. But the end of your personal efficiency brings some fun practical shortcuts through the valley of chaos.

Snippet parenting

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