October 31, 2017

(Not) Difficult

Being privileged makes it easy to think that taking a risk is difficult. Itโ€™s scary because the inertia of the status quo makes too many scenarios look suboptimal. Life could continue to be as it is, and youโ€™d be ok — but any less than this, would be bad.

This is as stupid as complaining that you have to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. What may sound as an uncool plan would literally be considered heaven for most people that lived in the last thousand years — and sadly, even most still alive today.

So weโ€™re taking a risk. For most people — and hopefully us in hindsight — it will look childish to worry about. But it felt difficult and counterintuitive, and at the same time like the right thing. Will report from the other side.


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