August 26, 2018

Some TV time

Bettina’s nocturnal fun times and some recent trips have allowed to watch a few shows and movies:

The Vietnam War:

It’s amazing how something can have such an impact without ever needing to shout the message or repeat everything in slow-motion. The documentary clarified my vague understanding of the Vietnam War in both timeline and events.

By itself, the story can be emotional. But when I started to see (or imagine) similarities with Venezuela, I couldn’t help ending a few of the episodes holding back tears.

American Gods:

I’m blessed with such a bad memory that very little of Neil Gaiman’s TK amazing book ruined the episodes. Regardless, I believe the show is loosely based on it — which usually is bad news, but on this case. While the episodes take a different road from the book, the universe feels very faithful. The anglo magic-realism is authentic, and the characters are familiar.

I’m not crazy that the first season is a huge setup for what’s to come. But it did leave me ready for season two.


As dumb as you expect for a movie of the TV show. But very passable fun.


Dumber than you expect for the TV show. But I did laugh a few times.

The Batman Movie

Sadly the best bits are on the trailer. Fun to watch overall, but I was bored a few times. Surely I’ll enjoy it more if Robie is every into Batman Lego.

Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Finally saw the live action Ghost in the Shell movie over the weekend. Expectations were low, so I came out enjoying it. The story, setting and most characters felt coherent with the anime — which I enjoy a lot.


Best superhero movie I’ve seen. Self-contained, for those that don’t follow the comic universe, yet still very satisfying for those who do. Start Wars learns from this film that not all movies need the same format.


Not at all the romance-comedy with a twist I was expecting — in a good way. Left me thinking back on it for a while, which I always consider the highest level of flattery.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Best Spider-Man since they 2002 movie — actually better. The voice and tone of the actor matches the one in the comic almost perfectly in my head. I’ve watch parts of this afterwards with Robie a few times and we both really enjoy it.

American Made

An above average based on a true story about how crazy the war on drugs was during the 80’s, greatly acted by Tom Cruise and with some excellent aircraft advisors. The flying scenes were so good, that they made me really like the movie.

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