September 26, 2018

Learning = Study + Practice

Over the past year, coffee has been my fixation. I’ve consumed hours of videos, bought books, perused blogs and browsed products. As a result, personalized recommendation engines have gone nuts and suddenly YouTube, Google News, and Amazon only display coffee stuff. A vicious cycle develops.

At this point, I become pure theory. I know proportions, methods, and origins. But I haven’t really tried any of it.

This isn’t bad, it’s just important I recognize the stage. It’s now time to get down and dirty. Mess up trying and experiment. It’s time to practice.

This will take a while, but slowly the fog of knowing is lifted and learning begins. With it, your tastes and preferences become real. And when you’re about to get bored… an opinion forms.

Now it’s time to go back to studying.

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