September 28, 2018

Gig Economy and Human Context

We ordered a pizza today from our favorite local Italian place vía Uber Eats. It was early, but it started raining pretty hard. Our pizza was picked up by Yenari (she/her) on a bicycle and delivery was estimated in 10 minutes. It’s seemed pretty accurate compared to past orders.

It’s still raining Costa Rica rainforest style. I worry a bit, the route to the restaurant is simple, but it’s a long hill. 5 minutes later: We’re sorry, your order has been cancelled.

Inconvenient, yes — hungry kids make millennials look like monks — but… what happened to Yenari? Is she alright? Did she fall or decide it wasn’t worth the $3?

It’s an open secret that the gig economy is a stepping stone to the self-driving pizza box revolution. But in the meantime, I’d be ok with more context about people who will arrive at my door with food my family will eat.

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