February 13, 2019

Hello Highlights

Reading in the digital age allows for the magical benefit of storing all your highlighted text. In my case, this includes: Kindle, Apple Books and Instapaper.

For the past few years my flow has been to export Instapaper highlights as markdown to my Scrapbook journal in DayOne. I also will usually use the share extension to collect any interesting tidbits I read while browsing. However, eBooks highlights have remained on their respective app silos.

Over the last month I’ve been testing Readwise, and I’m ready to subscribe to their light plan when the trial runs out. Readwise imports your highlights from Kindle, Apple Books, Instapaper and a couple of others β€” either directly or via a plugin/app on the desktop.

But once it pulls all these highlights is where Readwise shines: you get a daily email with some of the notes. I’ve rediscovered a lot of ideas with this feature, enough that I think it’s worth paying for.

I still want to figure out a way to channel this content into DayOne, but in the meantime, it’s a useful service for a reasonable price.

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