February 14, 2019

Journal Categories

Yesterday I mentioned storing highlights in DayOne, but I wanted to expand a bit on all my journals in the app:

  • Journal:

    Where I write every night. Only encrypted one. It’s a mental download of the day, not pausing long enough to edit or filter. At the end two bullet points: something I’m grateful of, and something I could have done better. There’s 1788 entries, since I’ve written almost everyday since Feb 2016.

  • Aeropost:

    A work notebook. Most useful as quick two liner entry after any meeting. But it also has longer notes of stuff that becomes emails or documents. Not so often anymore, but whiteboard photos — cleaned up with Carbo.

  • Scrapook:

    Anything external I want to save. Originally where all quotes from Quotebook were imported after its demise. But now a repository of anything external that I want timestamped.

  • log:

    In contrast to Scrapbook, on log I save anything internal that I want to remember. Many coffee recipies, names of specific menu items I liked, shaving results with different safety razoes, etc.

  • Spark:

    Random thoughts. Undigested ideas. Mostly short snippets that make little sense, a with no real hope become an insight. Which surprisingly happens, but many days of weeks later. Right now I’m using in a habit stacking experiment, where I have to write two sentences before visiting Morning Reader.

  • Check-in:

    Failed experiment awaiting rethinking, an IFTTT applet that saves all my Foursquare check-ins. But it doesn’t integrate with DayOne locations, so I end going back to Fsquare when I’m looking for something.

  • Blog:

    Mostly useless. Another IFTTT applet that saves all posts to this blog sometimes fun when I use DayOne’s On this day feature.

  • Comidas:

    Abandoned experiment I wish to revisit. For about 100 days in 2016 I took a picture of everything I ate. Premise being that it would be easier than calorie counting.

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