April 1, 2019

Wired on Cloudflare’s New VPN

Casey Chin:

The technology that Cloudflare is betting will make Warp fast is a protocol invented by Google called QUIC, and it could one day make the rest of the internet faster and more reliable.

Hold on a second, this sounds fishy…

Cloudflare is using a draft of the IETFs QUIC specification for the connection between its mobile app and its servers.

Never mind. That’s better.

This all sounds as a modern version of Opera Mini, and something that Opera and Google have been trying to do in recent years but technology and privacy concerns held it back. I’ve used the app for DNS and the speed improvement is noticeable — so I have no doubts Cloudflare can make the tech work.

The privacy verdict is still out there, but if they deliver on the speed claim, it becomes a game of lesser evils… do you trust Cloudflare more than your ISP and/or mobile operator? I know I do.

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