April 6, 2019

Tidbits for 2019 Week 13

  • Geeks can daydream, but the battery world runs on lithium-ion, and there’s no replacement in sight.
  • HomePod is now $299, down from $349. Don’t doubt it’s the best sound for the price, but without Spotify is not even an option for me. Maybe at $199…
  • Amazon’s Project Kuiper would make my father-in-law so happy. Broadband satellite based internet for remote areas would make many millions of lives better. Go Bezos.
  • The Powerbeats Pro are the AirPods sporty me would have wanted. The actual me finds the case too big.
  • Simplify for Gmail Chrome extension brings a little of Inbox to Gmail. Code on GitHub and made my former Google lead designer. Update: works on Opera, and it’s really great.
  • Cloudflare’s App with Warp VPN makes an intriguing case: more secure and faster than without. In waiting list.


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