May 30, 2019

Apple should make more iPad apps for the Mac

Dieter Bohn on

I think Apple should go all in and make nearly all of its consumer Mac apps with the new UIKit / Marzipan frameworks, including Mail, Notes, Messages, FaceTime, Photos, Reminders, and Calendar. Apple should just go for it, sooner rather than later, and ideally right now.

Count me in. This will be painful, but it also clarify what Apple pro users should be looking forward to. If the Mac is done”, and iPads are what’s next, then make the iPad OS and real alternative.

It’s clear that Apple can’t make both macOS and iOS the next generation system. It doesn’t have the resources, and even if it did, it would be confusing. It seems that the original plan was to have iOS be the large screen future, but the pushback brought Apple back to the drawing board.

I believe that next Monday we will see Apple’s reformulation of the plan, and how macOS and iOS fit on it.

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