June 11, 2019

The new Dropbox


Today, we’re unveiling the new Dropbox. It’s the Dropbox you know and love, but better. It’s a single workspace to organize your content, connect your tools, and bring everyone together, wherever you are.

Certainly they’re moving away of being just a feature, and congrats to them. This is a strong play to become a collaboration tool in itself - way more the a folder sync tool.

Sadly I’m not that interested at the moment. It’s not a cheap solution for an IT department, since it needs to work alongside either G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365.

I would have preferred a different path, one where a paid Dropbox account replaced Gmail, Google Photos and other ad-supported consumer tools. For a while with Mailbox and their photos solutions they seems to be headed that way … but the enterprise deep pockets won.


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