August 26, 2019

Tidbits for 2019 Week 34

  • Apparently Apple Arcade will be $4.99 monthly with family sharing. Sounds like a great price.
  • Disney+ will available on all platforms except Amazon. A family meeting will decide if we replace Netflix with this.
  • Also rumored/leaked is Apple TV+ $9.99 Price. This will be wait-and-see for me.
  • The Matrix 4, or a movie in that universe is happing. So excited. What can I see, other than the sequels1, I enjoy Wachowski’s movies.
  • Apple Card is now available in the U.S. Applied, wasn’t instantly accepted. Uh oh.
  • Chromium Edge is in beta release. Not bad, but in good with Brave for now — sorry Opera.
  • Netflix Collections are human powered playlists. Remember when they had a bounty for the best recommendation engine?
  • New Paperlike 2 screen protector for iPad with supposedly less color interference. In kickstarter now, I’ll wait for it to arrive on Amazon and try for sure.

  1. In later viewings I’ve come to like the sequels by themselves. It’s in the context of the original that my expectations went wild.↩︎


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