August 7, 2019

GORUCKs Moving Most of its Manufacturing Offshore

[…] GORUCK are introducing a big change. They’re moving the majority (but not all) of their bag manufacturing overseas to Vietnam.

Huge news for us fans of the brand. They have a ver long post on their blog The State of GORUCK 2019: Elite, not Elitist - which is understandably detailed.

It’ll be a challenge for a company built on made on the USA by former-Marines to go overseas, but I’m sure they will maintain the quality, and they have great products.

For the record I’ve had a GR2 and a GR1 for 8 and 7 years respectively. Just this year I sent the GR1 for minor repairs, since it has been on and off my everyday bag, and always my travel carry-on.

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