September 11, 2019

Apple September Event Roundup

My favorite quotes regarding yesterday’s Apple event.

Om Malik, on

They opened it with Apple Watch so that tells you the primary driver of the growth going forward

Mark Gurman, on

The iPhone 11 starts at $699, down from the iPhone XRs $749 price last year. The XR stays in the lineup for $599, a $150 decrease for a phone that’s only a year old. That’s one of the biggest year-over-year reductions in iPhone history.

Stephen Hacket, on

The iPhone 11 is a correction for Apple, re-alining the product line to how customers thought of it, and the iPhone 11’s new price of $699 is a reflection of that.

M.G. Siegler, on

The iPhone is now officially a camera. I mean, it has been a camera for a long time. The most popular camera in the world, as Apple is quick to point out each and every year, a decade on. But now it’s really a camera, as today’s keynote made clear.


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