September 8, 2019

Almost Everything About Goodreads Is Broken

Angela Lashbrook, on

What Goodreads is good for is keeping your own list of books you want to read or have read this year. It’s a list-making app. And while that’s useful, it doesn’t live up to the company’s full promise of being a haven for readers.

Here, here.

Overall, though, the Goodreads users I chatted with were frustrated by the ugly design and poor functionality of the site overall yet feel like they have few places to turn to keep track of books they’ve read or want to read.

I go from periods of complete abandonment of my goodreads account, to catching up on my read list. Mostly because I enjoy the centralized repository from different sources — Kindle, Apple Books, audiobooks and some physical books.

However I never use them as recommendation source. And for wishlist of books, I actually use goodreads to feed my Trello Books board, which feels way more natural to peruse when I’m deciding what to read next.

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