May 20, 2020

Roundup of Remote Work Setups

Is not clear to me if we’re closer to the end of the WFM isolation or the begining. But here’s my favorite posts on the different setups from the makers of products I enjoy:

Josh Ginter, The Desks of The Sweet Setup

So here’s Blanc Media’s work-from-home setups, complete with a list of the main items in each setup. If you’re anything like us, you’re sure to be curious about a few of the coffee cups gracing these tables.

Jason Fried, The home office desks of Basecamp:

People are always curious about work-from-home (WFH), remote working setups. So, I posted a Basecamp message asking our employees to share a photo of their home office, desk, table, whatever. Here’s what came in.

Emily Marchant, The 1Password team share their work-from-home setups

Looking for inspiration for your work-from-home setup? From Studio Ghibli-inspired spaces to clean, minimalist setups, our team share what makes their workstations work for them.

I enjoy these posts so much. And while they can sometimes create an urge to purchase stuff — it’s also a reminder that sometimes the sausage gets made with fairly simple setups.


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