July 14, 2020

On Job Descriptions

Q: What do you do?
A: What needs to be done.

This answer sounds like an end of world movie title, but it can also be a typical job descriptionโ€‰โ€”โ€‰which few mention on LinkedIn. It also is a sign of a troubled organization.

Doing whatever needs doing implies that either: 1) you have enough clarity and perspective in your organization to correctly assess the needs, or 2) another person has these qualities and does it for you.

In most cases neither scenario is real. The needs of many agendas fill your inbox, and itโ€™s only when you are at capacity, and one of the actual priorities gets delayed that a clear signal breaks through the noise to set it straight. Which still describes a working organization.

Yet, how many non-priority, misunderstood and plain wrong tasks consume time and effort before you reach capacity? How can these corrections of priorities happen more fluently?

Somewhere in the middle of what needs to be done and I just work here, lies the answer.

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