August 25, 2020

Kindle Collects Large Amount of Data

Charlie Belmer on

The Kindle is far from the most invasive privacy app I have seen, but it records a lot of behavioral reading information I don’t like. I’ve been trying to get away from the the Kindle ecosystem for the past year or so, and now use Marvin for reading on my iPhone. I no longer use the Kindle device, though I dearly miss e-Ink.

Good reminder. I don’t think this data is used for nefarious reasons, but it does exist.

It makes me a bit uncomfortable also because I like to remove DRM from my books and convert them to ePUB — which I convert back to AWZ. Since sync works across devices on these files, it’s a safe bet that all the data is also stored.

I’ve been eyeing the Kobo e-Ink devices, but until there’s a good ePUB sync solution with iOS.


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