February 12, 2021

The Right Time

Through the ways only a 5 year old can orchestrate, Robie ended up with a very old Timex digital watch yesterday. First thing he did was feature compare against my Apple Watch — took me a while to convince him that the indiglo backlight was actually a superior technology than an OLED screen.

Next, we arrived at the question of time. The marvel of his watch, my watch, my iPhone – all having the same time. But the magic ended abruptly when he asked about the analog kitchen wall watch…

Robie: Why is it 7:05 and not 7:00 like ours?”

Me: Dunno, your mom likes it that way”.

Ana: I don’t like it that way, it just loses time”.

Me: (mumbling as we go up the stairs) she does like it that way”.

Robie: (throughout his bath, bedtime story, and light-off) But, is it a different time like when we travel? if it isn’t why can’t you fix it? why can it be wrong?.

As I write this, I can say the kitchen wall watch time has been synched with the Apple Servers — and I have so say… it does feel right.


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